Samsung UE46ES8000 wifi suddenly not working

May 22, 2015

I’ve got a Samsung UE46ES8000, which I bought back in 2012.
It’s usually fine, works faultlessly.

Suddenly, the wifi stopped working.

If I went to the network settings screen it would constantly fail to pick up ANY wifi networks (not even my neighbours)

I reset my router (just in case) – no avail.

Eventually, I stumbled across some posts online that suggested to do the following:

  1.  Enter the service menu. To do this, put the tv in standby, then press the following buttons: info, menu, mute then power (quickly)
    (see video at end of this post)
  2. In one of the menus (I don’t remember which) change the wifi region to A
  3. Reset the smart hub (in another menu option)
  4. SVC – reset

This worked for me!

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  • Stefan

    Thank you very much! That worked for me too!
    I did not have to reset anything (step 3 and step 4)
    I just changed region to A, then I switched my TV off and back on.
    Then I went to network settings and Voila!

    • Ken Wright

      Magic! Worked for me too! Was beginning to despair till I found this.

  • Ovidiu Buzila

    Thumbs up for this.

    31/12/2015 – this worked for me as well!

  • EA Z

    Thnx, after you see service menu you must go Control then Sub Option and then Wifi Region and use arrow to select A

  • Paul

    I did exactly what you said and it worked even on 21.06.2017
    The problem was that I could not connect to wi-fi and there was an odd sound (annoying sound). When I heard the sound I knew I could not use wi-fi anymore. At the beginning when the error occurred, it was a minor repair, I turned off/on the TV and after I could connect to wi-fi but not for long after it was permanent.
    Thank you for your information and help and hope to help others with your information

  • C

    Thanks ! Worked exactly as stated on 30.08.2017. Somerset, UK

  • Martijn van der Waal

    great man, thanks. worked for me!

  • Mark Rowland Lloyd

    Just changing the Wifi Region in the sub menu and that seems to work. I think it gets changed to E during a firmware upgrade. I did the Smart Hub reset also for good measure but had to switch off as it just stalled. Not sure whether to do the SVC reset also.

  • G*

    It worked once. And then the next time my TV was totally powered off, it forgot the wifi again. And this fix doesn’t’ work twice because you can’t change from E to A when it’s already A.