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Azure function not receiving json messages using Topic Service Bus Trigger

May 25 17

While developing an Azure Function application, using this tutorial, I encountered a problem.

Ultimately, using func new generated my function (the run.csx file) which looked like this:

Side note: the mySbMsg is important – it’s defined in the function.json bindings, and must match.

However, there was a problem.
When sending messages to my topic, they weren’t being picked up by my function.

I was using some very simplistic code to send messages to my topic:

The messages were definitely being delievered to the topic – I could see that in the Azure portal.

However, the function wasn’t picking them up.

The issue was around the string mySbMsg parameter.
The scaffolding assumed that it would be a string – but it is in fact, a byte[] (due to me serializing the JSON)

Changing this parameter to be a byte[] – and my messages are now received by my locally running function.

Windows Azure Pricing Announced

Jul 15 09

Microsoft has finally released their pricing model for the forthcoming Windows Azure

Windows Azure:

  • Compute = $0.12 / hour
  • Storage = $0.15 / GB stored / month
  • Storage Transactions = $0.01 / 10K
  • Bandwidth = $0.10 in / $0.15 out / GB

SQL Azure:

  • Web Edition – Up to 1 GB relational database = $9.99
  • Business Edition – Up to 10 GB relational database = $99.99
  • Bandwidth = $0.10 in / $0.15 out / GB

.Net Services:

  • Messages = $0.15/100K message operations , including Service Bus messages and Access Control tokens
  • Bandwidth = $0.10 in / $0.15 out / GB

Further details available from:

Windows Azure – Firefox & “Port Restricted for Security Reasons”

Apr 12 09

I’ve been starting to delve into the world of Windows Azure this week.

After getting the Azure Samples loaded, I tried running one of them (just by hitting F5 in VS) and, as Firefox is my default browser, got a “Port Restricted For Security Reasons” error.

Of course, it worked fine in IE

Here is what to do –

It turns out, that my application was trying to use port 87 on (

Load up Firefox. Type about:config in the address bar, and hit enter. You will get something like the following:


Right click, and click New -> String.

Set the preference name to:

Next, set the value to: 87 (or whatever port your app is using)