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VS Code “deletes 3 months” of guys work

Aug 21 17

Recently, someone with the GitHub username eliecerthoms reported an incredibly unfortunate issue with VS Code.
It actually stems from his complete misunderstanding of git.

A classic case of RTFM

9-5 Treadmill?

Nov 11 08


WalkStationThat’s right. A treadmill, with a built in computer.
The Steelcase Walkstation.

For those with no budget (or a large one) this  workstation / treadmill looks ideal to me!

It’s price: from $4999

London 2012 Logo – really that bad?

Apr 22 08



Well, judging by someone’s take on the logo, it really is that bad.

Don’t know who originally created this, but I think it sums up most peoples opinion….