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Web 2.0 Logo Collage!

Aug 14 09

I found this MASSIVE collage of Web 2.0 logos by AJ Batac

Certainly beats trawling through go2web20.net (as good a site as that is, it just takes too long!!)

He has made all the logos available on t-shirts and other apparel:

web 2.0 logos

(click to view full image)

Web 2.0 Logo Generators

Aug 14 09

  As a bit of a follow on from my review of the AJAX web 2.0 style waiting image creator I reviewed some time ago, I found a couple of Web 2.0 logo generators:


This is the more “basic” of the two generators I tried.
Can add a “badge” to your logo, but you have to choose from a list of icons.
Here’s the result:

Logo 1

Quite nice.


Straight away you can see this is a more “advanced” tool.

There are many more styles to choose from, and you can specify the text in the badge – although this is limited to just the text. It would be better if I could adjust the size / colour.

Here’s the result:


Obviously, this is only for someone who is either

  1. really lazy
  2. has no idea how to use Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop
  3. can’t be bothered to create a decent logo at the moment

I currently fall into #3.
As such, I made my logo on this blog a variation of the logo created with the more basic tool. I guess i just like the font more! But not the crappy “beta” badge.

I’ll get round to re-doing this entire site at some point…..

Here’s the settings I used:



The result:


London 2012 Logo – really that bad?

Apr 22 08



Well, judging by someone’s take on the logo, it really is that bad.

Don’t know who originally created this, but I think it sums up most peoples opinion….