Review of LogoTechs


I recently employed a company on eLance by the name of ‘LogoTechs’ to design a logo for a project I am working on.

They claim they are UK based, but I am sceptical.

Initially, I was impressed with their responsiveness.
The quality was not on par with their examples, however.
True to their word, they offered unlimited revisions.

Anyway, long story short, eventually, we settled on a finished logo.
I asked for the source files as we had agreed. Which is where the problems started.

They sent me an AI file, without fonts.
‘Nexa Bold’ was missing – and turned out to be a commercial font.

Refused point blank to supply the font.

We can’t provide you font files as its illegal you will need to get them yourself, we have provided you two files instead of one out of good will the job is complete as we both agreed you would like the final source files and we had given you two, so please don’t threaten us about giving us negative feedback as we are a business and will not risk copyright infringement.

It later transpires, that they outsource (sub-contract) the design work to other freelancers.
They obviously use unlicensed pirated fonts, for which ‘LogoTechs’ have no license.

Naturally, once this came to light, I requested a refund, which was met with resistance.

Eventually, after eLance intervened, I received the required refund.

All in all, LogoTechs are very unprofessional – literally just outsource the work to the lowest bidder, and don’t worry about the licensing of the artwork.
Never use LogoTechs!