Specify XML-RPC Endpoints at Run Time With CookComputing XMLRPC.net


A common question when using Cook Computing XML RPC.net to talk to blogs etc… is how to specify a blog / endpoint at runtime? Most of the examples seem to specify the details in an attribute… not much use if you’re trying to develop a wrapper. To enable me to create JoeBlogs, I made use of the IXmlRpcProxy Proxy classes… I created my interface, implementing IXmlRpcProxy: We define the method as...

C# WordPress Wrapper


Ok, I’ve barely finished this as a stable release, but I thought I’d post this up any way…. A little open source project I’m working on – Joe Blogs. In a nutshell, it allows easy communication to your WordPress (or other blog) via an xml-rpc interface. Big thanks to the work by Charles Cook at Joe Blogs is currently hosted on CodePlex – I’ll be posting more info, tutorials, documentation...