Node RailwayJS app – Deploying to Heroku – ENOENT, open ‘/app/log/production.log


I’m currently working on a project involving a node.js app, using RailwayJS, deploying to Heroku. After doing my git push Heroku Everything seemed ok, however, the app was not running. I ran Heroku logs and was shown: app[web.1]: listening on port 32168 within production environment app[web.1]: app[web.1]: events.js:48 app[web.1]: throw arguments[1]; // Unhandled ‘error’ event...

Running node.js on Windows


Download node.exe At the time of writing, the version was  v0.5.4 (unstable) Don’t worry about it being unstable, you wouldn’t dream of running it on Windows in production, would you Put it somewhere sensible For me, I have node.exe on the root of C:\ Some people have a subfolder, such as “tools” where they’ve got Ruby installed (incidently, I also have this installed on the root of C:\) Sort...