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Location of Visual Studio Templates Directory


The location of the Visual Studio Templates Directory (when installed on Vista) is as follows:
C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Visual Studio <version>\Templates
Replace <user> with your username <version> with the version of VS (in my case its 2008) so my path is:
C:\Users\ABrown\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Templates

Show line numbers in Visual Studio 2008


I recently reset my settings in Visual Studio which, irritatingly, made my line numbers disappear.
To re-instate the line numbers, there is a simple process:
Click: Tools > Options > Text Editor > All Languages > General
On the right, under Display section, check Line numbers (see below)
Click Ok.

Reset IDE settings in Visual Studio 2008


I recently acquired a PC at my new job where there was an existing installation of Visual Studio. This was fine, however it was set up for a VB.net developer. Whilst I do use VB.net, I didn’t want my VS set up this way. I wanted to re-instate that lovely screen you see when you fresh install VS (below) To do this, simply click: Tools > Import and Export Settings Editor Click Reset all settings...