Cairo & Pyramids Of Giza


We were picked up from the hotel at a nice and early 3:30 am, which meant getting ourselves out of bed at 2, to be sure we were ready.

Dissapointingly, me phoning up reception the night before and asking for an early breakfast wasnt enough, and they had forgotten to prepare anything. So we faced the 6 hour journey on an empty stomach….

This wasnt necesarily a bad thing, as the road we were travelling (very fast) on was the most bumpy surface i’ve ever had the pleasure of moving on.

The driver hurtled across the Sinai desert, which worried Michaela no end, due to yesterdays crash [LINK HERE TO BBCNEWS]

first stop to museum. open @ 9.

restaurant, eat.

over bridge to giza, then to papyrus shop.


beware camel men

short drive to other pyramids. inside small one (free) 100 LE for big one

from pyramids to sphnx

then to purfume shop