Registration Form Used To Send Spam Via Welcome Email


While reviewing a client site, I recently noticed a small number of accounts had registered with spurious firstName and lastName values such as: firstName:You have 5 new messages from Patty: lastName: 12 firstName:You have 5 new messages from Patty:lastName: After some digging, it appeared these customers had legitimate email addresses, however had placed no orders, nor had they interacted with...

A Seller On Amazon Offered Me An Incentive To Leave A 5* Review


I buy a lot on Amazon. Probably too much. I enjoy the convenience, pricing (mostly) and reviews. Reviews, however, have to be looked at carefully. Some sellers, particularly new sellers (or selling new products) offer incentives for 5* reviews. I knew this practice happened, but I’d never experienced it first hand. I recently bought a product on Amazon, with a smattering of 5* reviews. I...