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Turned down for a contract role by a by a ghostly tech lead


I had a telephone interview earlier this week. From my point of view, I thought it went really well. I had ample experience, answered his questions (in my opinion) correctly Somewhat to my surprise, I was turned down after this interview. Naturally, I pressed the agency for feedback. Feedback from the recruiter was vague as expected – “Not technically correct on some of your responses”...

Did you report to “John Smith” at your last role?


Recently, I had a conversation with a recruiter who apparently had the ultimate contract on offer for me. The conversation moved swiftly on from telling me how great the job was to this: Recruiter: So your last contract, did you report to <John Smith>? Me: No. –awkward silence– Recruiter: Ah, ok, who was it then? Me: Sorry, I don’t give out names Recruiter: Well I...