I had a telephone interview earlier this week.
From my point of view, I thought it went really well. I had ample experience, answered his questions (in my opinion) correctly

Somewhat to my surprise, I was turned down after this interview.
Naturally, I pressed the agency for feedback.
Feedback from the recruiter was vague as expected – “Not technically correct on some of your responses”
(This is the same recruiter that sent me the wrong job spec for another job they sent me for!)

Anyway, I decided to text the guy that phone interviewed me.
He was very positive on the phone, so wanted to know what had changed.

He said I got the questions he asked me on BDD wrong
Nowhere on my CV is BDD – apparently it was, so the agency had kindly added this part for me.

He also said I’d got the definition of REST wrong, which I know I hadn’t – and besides, he asked for an example of REST, which I duly gave him.

Then came the usual play downs “If another suitable role comes up I’ll be in touch”

After our short text conversation, I thought I’d check the guy out – something I guess I should have done before the interview (I usually google people interviewing me beforehand)

And here’s what I found: Nothing.
No linked in, no twitter, no blog, no github profile, no contributions to the open source community.

He apparently was the technical lead for the well known company, albeit a contractor.

My thoughts are;
If you’re not willing to contribute to the community in any way shape or form, can you truly be a rounded developer?

I’m not saying every developer should have a LinkedIn profile, or a twitter account, or github profile, but it is unusual these days to find top calibre developers devoid of any of these… a ‘developer’ who is effectively an online ghost!

It’s pretty easy to trace people and who they’re working for:

google for

first name + last name + company”

Usually does the trick

or even

first name + last name + technology

So, on reflection, it seems I may have dodged a bullet here.

Whilst I don’t profess to be the worlds greatest developer, I do try to give back.
I contribute to various open source projects, blog whenever I can, have an active twitter profile etc…

I’m not actually sure I would want to work with someone so closed and un-contributing!

Recently, I had a conversation with a recruiter who apparently had the ultimate contract on offer for me.

The conversation moved swiftly on from telling me how great the job was to this:

So your last contract, did you report to <John Smith>?


–awkward silence–

Ah, ok, who was it then?

Sorry, I don’t give out names

Well I won’t be able to help you with that amazing contract I have on offer

Oh that is a shame. Goodbye

What the recruiter here is trying to do is to get me to give away the name of the person in charge of hiring at that company.
Then, he has the first and last name of the person I reported to. With this, he can phone them, saying something along the lines of:

Hi, is that ?
Alex Brown said that you were looking for staff, and personally asked me to give you a call

See, now I’d look like a fool who passes details on to parasitic recruiters!