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  • Yahoo Term Extractor API Discontinued

    A couple of days ago Yahoo announced two of its search services will be discontinued on August 31st 2009. Annoyingly, one of those is the Term Extraction API Which means my Windows Live Writer Auto Tag Generator plug-in will simply cease to work. Important Announcement: The Term Extraction Web Search service will be discontinued on…

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  • Reverse GeoCoding with Google API and C#

    I needed to write a function to get a set of co-ordinates from an address, supplied as a string. Using the Google API, I came up with this: First, I created a struct, to represent the lat and lon co-ordinates: public struct Coordinate { private double _latitude; private double _longitude; public Coordinate(double latitude, double longitude)…

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  • TinyURL API

    The popular url shortening service, TinyUrl has an API. This is probably the most simple API I’ve come across: http://tinyurl.com/api-create.php?url=http://www.alexjamesbrown.com (obviously, you can replace http://www.alexjamesbrown.com with any URL)

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