Clearing Chrome Internal DNS cache


Visiting a url, but getting the (old dns) version of a page?
I was too.
Turns out that Chrome keeps an internal DNS cache.
You can view it by visiting the following ‘url’ (enter this in your address bar in Chrome)

Create a Google Chrome Extension


I’ve been meaning to look into creating a Google Chrome extension for a while. Earlier this week, I successfully RickRoll’d Rob Ashton on twitter, which in turn, after a RT, RickRoll’d several others. Many of whom replied with tweets like @alexjamesbrown @RobAshton You bastards! 😉 — Anders Ljusberg (@CodingInsomnia) March 24, 2011 @alexjamesbrown @RobAshton Damn it! grrr. — Demis...

View XML in Google Chrome


Sometimes, I need to be able to view an XML document in a browser. While IE supports this natively, you’ll need an extension for that in Chrome. The one I use is XML Tree by Alan Stroop. After installing it, it simply “just works” Viewing any server side XML page displays nice and hierarchically, similar to IE / Firefox However, to enable opening of a local XML file, you will need to explicitly...