Search git branch names using command line


Looking for a particular branch, and `git branch -a` returns a LOT of branches? If on Windows, you could use the Search feature in cmder (you’re using cmder, right?) Or on mac, cmd+f and then search the outputted text… OR you could use one of these two approaches: 1) git branch takes a `–list` argument , which in turn takes a search arg. Example: git branch -a --list *something*...

Search for a branch with git


Got a load of branches?
Need to find a specific one?
Try this

git branch --all | grep <query>

for example
git branch --all | grep notifications

Will return all branches (remote or local) that contain “notifications” in the name of the branch

Github name squatting policy bullshit


I’ve been a loyal customer of GitHub since 2010 A couple of years ago, I started Cohoda – a software consulting company. Shortly after forming the company, I tried to register the github username – ‘cohoda’ It was taken (which I thought odd, since ‘Cohoda’ was a made up word!) After some investigation, I could see that there was literally nothing on the profile. No name No photo No...

One of the many benefits of keeping a git repository inside dropbox


A couple of weeks ago, for a number of reasons, I had polluted my working copy so much, i decided it would be easier to simply blow my cloned repository folder away, and re-clone. So, I deleted the folder, and made a fresh checkout to the same place. Today, I was about to resume work on a feature I’d started; you guessed it, around 2 weeks ago. It was on a separate branch – a branch, which...

Git Error – bad config file line 1 in .git/config


Last night, just before leaving the office, my development VM decided to crash unexpectedly. Upon starting the machine the machine the following morning, and trying a git pull, I got the following error: bad config file line 1 in .git/config I CD’d into my .git directory, and opened up config in notepad There was nothing in there, except for a load of whitespaces. To fix this, I removed the...