Better assertions when verifying Moq’d methods have been called

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Moq, according to its GitHub page, is “The most popular and friendly mocking framework for .NET”. Mocking frameworks allow you to create a ‘fake’ version of a dependency (typically an interface, or abstract class). With this fake, you can then instruct the methods return values, or invoke behaviour. Alternatively you can assert the methods were called, with a certain set...

Asserting multiple properties of argument with FakeItEasy


More often than not, I want to assert that my dependency has been called with a parameter that matches more than one condition. Let’s say we have a method that calls ICustomerService.Add method. We want to assert the Add method was called with a Customer that matches a few conditions. The way we’d typically achieve this is by doing something like this: var fake = A.Fake<ICustomerService>();...

Unit tests failing when run all together with FakeItEasy


While running my tests, I noticed that if I ran my test suite all together, some would fail, giving the exception: API restriction: The assembly has already loaded from a different location This issue was happening both in ReSharper test runner, and using the NUnit test runner Debugging, the exception was being thrown on my SetUp methods like: [SetUp] public void SetUp() { _myFake = A...