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Online hotel booking sites & credit card reservations – beware!


Recently, I was working on a project with a similar business model to hotel booking websites such as LateRooms.com and Booking.com: The customer reserves a “room” from a third party. The customer pays at the hotel. Failure to show, results in customers card being charged. I was intrigued about how the others got this process to work, and naturally went about finding out, and doing...

Implementing DataCash 3D Secure with ASP.net


This is an article I’ve been meaning to write for a while now… Mainly, to help others out, who are struggling with the near non-existent documentation provided by Datacash, when trying to plug 3D Secure into my ASP.net application. I’m sure you’re already familiar with what 3D Secure is, so I won’t go in to too much detail, nor will I go into much detail with regards to the process. The purpose...