Working with branch deployments with TFS and Octopus


Decide on a branching strategy, and branch the code. This assumes you already have a TFS build set up on your “main” branch Once the branch is complete, it should be something like: $/projectname/Dev Branched to: $/projectname/BranchName Then, clone the TFS build definition you currently use for Dev (or whatever your main branch is) I used TFS Community Build Manager, which speeds...

Cloning TFS build definition for branches


As part of my effort to allow us to use branches with Octopus deployment, I needed to be able to duplicate our TFS build definitions. I would then create a branch-specific build definition, called something like MyProject – Branch123 I wanted to set things like a custom drop folder for the branch, and, since we’re using Octopus, set the OctoPackPublishPackageToFileShare folder...

TFS – Forgot to untick the Preserve pending changes locally checkbox when shelving


Coming from using Git, I am used to using a stash in this scenario: Working on a piece of functionalityHigh priority change comes in on the branch I’m working on that would affect the above work In this instance, I would tend to stash my changes. After googling, I discovered the TFS equivalent is Shelving. So, I shelved my changes, and was horrified to see them still in existence in my source...