Dell Latitude E5500 – Windows was unable to connect to <network name>


Having taken delivery of a new E5500, we configured the machine (not that it took much effort, as it came with none of the usual “crap” that is pre-installed") and attempted to connect it to our WiFi in the office. Every time it returned “Windows was unable to connect to CrocusWiFi” Our network is nothing out of the ordinary – We use a plain old Belkin F5D7632 router, with WPA2-Personal...

Dell E6400 Screen Flicker – Caused by display cable?


Last week, I started having trouble with my Dell E6400 Notebook. There is an intermittent “flashing” on the screen – kind of a “solarising” of the colours, and flickering – it also displayed as “split screen” – split horizontally, displaying the same image top and bottom, but at very low resolution. See flickering / solarising: Sometimes, the screen would turn off, flash black, and...

Fitting a backlit keyboard to a Dell E6400


Both of the Dell E6400 laptops I’ve owned came without the backlit keyboard (first one was stolen in Ibiza) So, both times, I have retro-fitted a backlit keyboard. The process is simple, and I’ll show you how below. They don’t need any drivers – they light up when you press a key, and dim to save battery after a minute or so. Dell provides a Service Manual, with good instructions on doing this...