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Phishing with internationalised domains


While on a train this morning, one of my close friends sent me this WhatsApp message: The person who sent it to me is not usually someone to send out scams or spam, but, to me at least, this message, did not look legit. It smelled strongly of a phishing scam. However, it was a link to adidas.com/shoes – so how was this going to phish me? Of course they are not giving away 3000 free pairs of...

Lack of Godaddy email support prompts me to move


I’ve been a customer of GoDaddy for several years. Recently, I’ve required to use their support service. Unusually, they don’t offer email support – just phone, or live-chat On more than one occasion, live-chat has been unavailable, and making a call hasn’t been convenient. Secondly, live-chat only works with a persistent connection. Working on a train, for example, means you’ll often be...