A Seller On Amazon Offered Me An Incentive To Leave A 5* Review


I buy a lot on Amazon. Probably too much. I enjoy the convenience, pricing (mostly) and reviews. Reviews, however, have to be looked at carefully. Some sellers, particularly new sellers (or selling new products) offer incentives for 5* reviews. I knew this practice happened, but I’d never experienced it first hand. I recently bought a product on Amazon, with a smattering of 5* reviews. I...

Some products on Amazon cost MORE on Amazon Prime, Even For Prime Members!


Earlier today I was looking to purchase an item on Amazon. (2x VonHaus Vertical Wall Mount Bike Cycle Storage Hooks to be specific) I found them for £7.99 – available next day, on Prime. However, I noticed it was available £1 less in the “other sellers” bit. Curious, I took a look: Both same product Both same vendor Prime was however £1 more. This was despite me being a Prime...

H&M Online Store – Usability Issues


I don’t normally do this. But I’m so appalled by the apparent lack of usability testing on H&M’s sparkly new online store, I thought I’d share some of the issues, in a hope someone in their web team picks it up, and does something about it. Product Information – modal window? Firstly, this is a website. It is not a windows application. If I click into a product, I still expect to use my back...