H&M Online Store – Usability Issues

I don’t normally do this. But I’m so appalled by the apparent lack of usability testing on H&M’s sparkly new online store, I thought I’d share some of the issues, in a hope someone in their web team picks it up, and does something about it.

Product Information – modal window?

Firstly, this is a website.
It is not a windows application.
If I click into a product, I still expect to use my back button, (or backspace key for that matter) to get back to where I was previously…
Instead, H&M opens up the product info into a little “modal” window



Opens up into inline modal window:


I’d much rather see a page all to itself about that product, with the “goes well with” type stuff below, or incorporated some other way.

If I failed to see the X button in the top right corner, and pressed the back button in the browser, I’m now back at the home page!

Persist my session! Or at least my shopping cart!

I was doing a spot of shopping, added about 5 or 6 things to my shopping cart, then I was called into a meeting (inconsiderate in my lunch hour, I know, but hey…)

When I returned, my shopping cart was empty!

Broken link in email confirmation

Having finally placed my order, and got an email confirmation, I was kind of interested to know when it would be turning up.

The only part where it looks like you might be able to get hold of this info is:

You can add to or change your order online or by telephone at any time until we have despatched your package.

The choice is yours!

Internet: Log onto My page where you can easily view, amend and keep track of every aspect of your order.


So when I click that:


I love H&M clothes, but I expected more from this company!

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