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Create a Google Chrome Extension


I’ve been meaning to look into creating a Google Chrome extension for a while. Earlier this week, I successfully RickRoll’d Rob Ashton on twitter, which in turn, after a RT, RickRoll’d several others. Many of whom replied with tweets like @alexjamesbrown @RobAshton You bastards! 😉 — Anders Ljusberg (@CodingInsomnia) March 24, 2011 @alexjamesbrown @RobAshton Damn it! grrr. — Demis...

How to change the language on a Buffalo LinkStation from Japanese to English


I recently had massive problems with my LinkStation and had to flash the firmware on it…. When I finally got it up and running again, my admin screen was in Japanese!! I followed the instructions on the FAQ – I thought I’d just put a few pics up to illustrate it a little better: Step 1 Log in to your admin panel You’ll see the screen below: Step 2 Click the 2nd option on the left, as shown...

Fitting a backlit keyboard to a Dell E6400


Both of the Dell E6400 laptops I’ve owned came without the backlit keyboard (first one was stolen in Ibiza) So, both times, I have retro-fitted a backlit keyboard. The process is simple, and I’ll show you how below. They don’t need any drivers – they light up when you press a key, and dim to save battery after a minute or so. Dell provides a Service Manual, with good instructions on doing this...