Auto Tag Generator Plug-In for Windows Live Writer

Auto Tag Generator is a plug in for Windows Live Writer that enables tags to be generated from a block of text (or the whole of the post)


Project can be downloaded from Codeplex here


To generate tags, simply highlight all of the text (or a relevant section) and press “Inert Auto Generated Tags” in the Insert menu on the right hand side.
The tags are then displayed in a list (shown below)

You can delete any tags generated by pressing the Del key, or right clicking, and clicking delete (the list is sometimes a bit random… but this is due to the Term Extractor API)

Hit Ok, and the tags are copied (comma separated) into the clipboard, for you to paste in to the Tags section in Windows Live Writer.

The tags generated for this post were:

auto tag
relevant section
tag generator
single day
source code
open source



  • Currently, the post text has to be selected before selecting “Insert Auto Generated Tags”
  • Due to the limitations on the Yahoo Term Extractor API, only 5000 requests can be made in a single day from each IP address. I can’t see anyone reaching that limit… but I just thought I’d mention it!
  • You need to manually paste them into the tags section on WLW… this is something I’m working on. (feel free to help… it is open source!)

Source Code

I’ll be posting full details, and a little tutorial of how what and why etc…. shortly.
Until then, the project is on Codeplex, with no documentation.



Open Source Social Network

I’ve just stumbled across this Open Source Social Network, that runs on Ruby On Rails

I’ll be sure to download this and have a play with it sometime soon!