Carplan – Kleen Air review


I have a BMW 330d (E46 – 2005) About a year ago, I noticed that if I turned off the Aircon (but left the fan running), a musty, damp smell would seep through the vents, filling the car with unpleasant aroma. This meant that I either had to have the Aircon running all the time, or be too hot. After some google searching of similar problems, I bought a can of Carplan Kleen Air from eBay (£6.95...

Eco-Disc Stuck In Slot Loading Drive


AVG kindly provided us with an Eco-Disc of their software – so we began installing it on one of our Dell XPS laptops – with a slot loading drive. Everything worked fine, until it came to eject it – or at least try to! Because the CD’s are so thin, there isn’t enough thickness for the rollers to push it out of the drive. After a bit of Googling, it seems we are not alone – Macs are having the same...