Eco-Disc Stuck In Slot Loading Drive

AVG kindly provided us with an Eco-Disc of their software – so we began installing it on one of our Dell XPS laptops – with a slot loading drive.

Everything worked fine, until it came to eject it – or at least try to!
Because the CD’s are so thin, there isn’t enough thickness for the rollers to push it out of the drive.

After a bit of Googling, it seems we are not alone – Macs are having the same problem with these Eco-Discs.

They do seem to work fine in standard tray loading drives however.

The Eco-Disc is a nice idea, and I’m all for “helping the environment” etc…. but not at the cost of replacing my CD/DVD drive!

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  1. Allan avatar

    I’ve read elsewhere that holding your laptop vertically so the drive slot faces downwards, then ejecting the disk may work, as gravity can assist.

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