Microsoft SQL Server on a Ubuntu Linux VM


As part of a blog post on the LEDS stack (Linux Nginx Dotnet, SQL Server) I’m putting together, I wanted to see how easy it is to install SQL Server on a Ubuntu VM, running on Digital Ocean. Turns out, very easy. I went with a Ubuntu  16.04.2 x64 box, with 4GB of RAM The docs state that you need at least 3.25GB of memory to run SQL Server on Linux. Once my droplet had created, I SSH’d into it...

Upgrading from Navision 4 to Navision 5 – Database Error


This is a tad of a messy blog post, so apologies for that, however it’s mainly for my own reference. Here at Crocus, we run Navision to handle product inventory, orders, and the like… We wanted to upgrade from version 4, to version 5. After following the upgrade instructions, I got this error: Msg 8662, Level 16, State 0, Line 1 Cannot create the clustered index "VSIFTIDX" on view...

Copying tables across databases


So, you’ve got a requirement to move or copy a table from one database to the other? Including data? Use SELECT INTO. For example, we have a database called “MyDatabase” We also have another database – “MyNewDatabase” MyDatabase contains the table “Customers” – with a bunch of data that we want to preserve. You need to move this into...