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C# Ternary conditional operator – Question mark in an if statement


I’m all for shortening the amount of code we write, if it makes it more readable. One enhancement I make use of in C# is the ternary conditional operator. Consider the following block of code: string input = "hi"; bool saidHello; if (input = "hello") { saidHello = true; } else { saidHello = false; } In this example, we can see, the saidHello boolean value would be false,  as the input string...

Heart, music, diamonds and other cool symbols on Facebook and other things


Ever wondered how to get those cool little symbols in wall posts, status updates, messages etc… on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc…? This kind of thing: ☼ ☻☺ ♪ ♫ ♥ Well…. you can either copy them off this page, or use the key sequence next to them: To get these to work: You will need to have Num Lock ON Also, you’ll need to use the number pad – the bunch of numerical keys on the right of the...