Yahoo Term Extractor API Discontinued


A couple of days ago Yahoo announced two of its search services will be discontinued on August 31st 2009. Annoyingly, one of those is the Term Extraction API Which means my Windows Live Writer Auto Tag Generator plug-in will simply cease to work. Important Announcement: The Term Extraction Web Search service will be discontinued on August 31, 2 So, what can you do. Well, according to a few posts...

Auto Tag Generator Plug-In for Windows Live Writer


Auto Tag Generator is a plug in for Windows Live Writer that enables tags to be generated from a block of text (or the whole of the post) Download: Project can be downloaded from Codeplex here Usage: To generate tags, simply highlight all of the text (or a relevant section) and press “Inert Auto Generated Tags” in the Insert menu on the right hand side.The tags are then displayed in a...