South Western Railway rip off customers by charging premium for First Class tube travel

I travel from Farnborugh main to Waterloo reasonably regularly, and it works out cheaper for me to buy monthly season tickets, with a Travel Card (allowing travel on the underground and busses)

I was recently looking at how much extra a First Class season ticket would be than Standard Class.

Turns out, South Western Railway are charging a premium – for the Travel Card portion of the First Class ticket!

We can see this as follows:

Standard Class – Without Travel Card


Standard Class – With Travel Card


This means, the Travel Card portion of this fare is £82.90

Now, let’s take look at First Class season tickets:

First Class – Without Travel Card


First Class – With Travel Card


As before, we can work out the Travel Card portion of the fare:
£776.10 – £635.20 = £140.90
That equates to £140.90 for the Travel Card.

Charging £58 on top of the ‘standard class’ Travel Card portion.

Last time I checked (I travel on the tube most days) I couldn’t find a first class carriage?

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