Facebook notification spam – someone ”likes” your photo


Recently, a lot of people have  been “liking” my photos.

Unfortunately, the notifications are sent out by various versions of a new form of Facebook spam application.


Clicking on “your photo” – in a hope to see which photo this person liked, takes you to a page where you’re asked to allow an application access to various parts  of your profile:

“Allowing Lika access will let it access your Profile information, photos, your friends’ info and other content that it requires to work”

This is the important part of this application – clicking on “allow” will enable the app to get access to all the information on your profile.
It then sends out notifications to ALL your friends, that you “liked” one of their photos.

Presumably, it is also sending all your information to the developer. This could be anything from your profile – work information, contact info, address, photos – anything.

One way to check if a notification you have received is genuine is to hover over “your photo”

Hover over "your photo" and check the link location

Unless the link is something similar to: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=12345 then it’s a fake.

The names are usually something like “Like” or “Lika” or something along those lines, to fool you into thinking they are genuine, Facebook features.