Installing Onavo removes Personal Hotspot option on Three


I tend to use the personal hotspot (tethering) feature on my iPhone every week or so (while out at meetings, it’s handy to connect laptop if there’s no wifi available)

Recently, I stumbled across Onavo

Essentially this compresses mobile data before it’s sent to your device, to reduce your data usage, and speed up your browsing etc…

I installed the app, and it creates a profile on your phone, to point your connection

It does this by installing a configuration profile that overrides your normal Carrier’s APN settings, redirecting traffic through its AWS based cloud. There, the assets are downloaded using inexpensive wired access, evaluated and compressed, before being sent on to the Carrier (in my case, Three) – compressed.

After a couple of weeks of using it, I noticed my personal Hotspot option had suddenly disappeared.
I was outraged.
Immediately, I thought Three had taken it away from my package, and tweeted them accordingly…

Three assured me this wasn’t the case….

So I did some thinking, and remembered Onavo.

I uninstalled the app using this method, restarted the phone, and voila!
My personal hotspot option is back!

Seems this isn’t just limited to the Three network, nor do I seem to be the only one, according to their support page: