I’ve got a Samsung UE46ES8000, which I bought back in 2012.
It’s usually fine, works faultlessly.

Suddenly, the wifi stopped working.

If I went to the network settings screen it would constantly fail to pick up ANY wifi networks (not even my neighbours)

I reset my router (just in case) – no avail.

Eventually, I stumbled across some posts online that suggested to do the following:

  1.  Enter the service menu. To do this, put the tv in standby, then press the following buttons: info, menu, mute then power (quickly)
    (see video at end of this post)
  2. In one of the menus (I don’t remember which) change the wifi region to A
  3. Reset the smart hub (in another menu option)
  4. SVC – reset

This worked for me!

Returning my iPhone5

So, I’ve had and used my iPhone5 for around a week now, and I’ve decided to exercise my right to return it. Why?

Lightning cable

By far the biggest disappointment Apple have ever dished out.
Fine, if there’s some technical reason to change the connector, then do it. But do so in a gracious manner, and don’t try to charge people £25 to make their accessories they’ve accumulated over the last 3+ years of loyal custom!

Apple argue they needed the new connector in order to deliver better speed – but since iCloud they’ve been urging us to sync wirelessly, so who cares?

The rumours of ID chips in the connector to stop people making third-party (and cheaper) chargers and adapters also really annoys me.

Supplying ONE charger cable (and not even allowing us to buy more online until October) seriously isn’t good enough.
It wouldn’t be so bad if the battery were actually any good…


No major improvement.
In fact, if anything, it’s worse.
This could be due to me perhaps the phone more, but I would need to charge it at least once a day, maybe twice.


The annoying and reported rattle coming from the back of the phone (tap it just where the flash is to reproduce)
There’s videos on YouTube of people having similar issues.

To me, paying this much for a phone, it shouldn’t feel like that! 

Lack of cases

A £600 phone will always go straight in a case. Esepcially since Apple insist on making phones out of materials that scratch and dent easily

Unfortunately, due to the new shape, there aren’t that many manufacturers making cases for the iPhone5 just yet.
My favourite case for the iPhone4 was infact a cheap £1.99 silicone rubber one off eBay – it did exactly what it was supposed to, was washable, made the phone bouncy when it was dropped etc..

I got one for the iPhone5, however they understandably don’t fit as snugly just yet (I guess they’ve only had drawings to make the moulds for them)

Just a quick blog to see if anyone else out there is experiencing hanging / crashing when using:

Macbook Pro
OSX Mountain Lion
SSD (256mb Crucial CT064M4SSD1)
Parallels – Windows 7 Guest OS

Only started noticing the problem since I installed the SSD

Every now and then, the whole system will sort of freeze.

Won’t respond to mouse / keyboard.
Freeze lasts around 10-30 seconds, then returns to normal

Will update this post with any more info if I get it

Apple store rip off

Same product

$49.95 on the US Apple store, £69.95 on the UK store

Price comparison between UK and US Apple Store

I tend to use the personal hotspot (tethering) feature on my iPhone every week or so (while out at meetings, it’s handy to connect laptop if there’s no wifi available)

Recently, I stumbled across Onavo

Essentially this compresses mobile data before it’s sent to your device, to reduce your data usage, and speed up your browsing etc…

I installed the app, and it creates a profile on your phone, to point your connection

It does this by installing a configuration profile that overrides your normal Carrier’s APN settings, redirecting traffic through its AWS based cloud. There, the assets are downloaded using inexpensive wired access, evaluated and compressed, before being sent on to the Carrier (in my case, Three) – compressed.

After a couple of weeks of using it, I noticed my personal Hotspot option had suddenly disappeared.
I was outraged.
Immediately, I thought Three had taken it away from my package, and tweeted them accordingly…

Three assured me this wasn’t the case….

So I did some thinking, and remembered Onavo.

I uninstalled the app using this method, restarted the phone, and voila!
My personal hotspot option is back!

Seems this isn’t just limited to the Three network, nor do I seem to be the only one, according to their support page:

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