Globai Gathering – Wristband Error?

I went to Global Gathering (24th & 25th July 2009)

Upon collecting my wristband, I noticed an error – instead of being printed with Global Gathering (as it has in previous years) it said Globai Gathering!

A deliberate error? To aid in spotting fakes?? Or a clumsy mis-print?


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  1. Josie Woodmarch avatar
    Josie Woodmarch

    I too noticed this hilarious error. However I suspect this was simply a clumsy mis-print, Globai Gathering does’nt even makes sense, its stupid.


  2. Gracey x avatar
    Gracey x

    Yeah I noticed that! I thought that maybe it was to spot fakes like you said, but who knows x

  3. Ross avatar

    I didn’t notice the error on my wristband til i got home and my girlfriend pointed it out on hers.
    your right, either a GRAND fuck up, or a really clever idea!

  4. Andrew avatar

    My theory is that they are left-overs from GG in another country (that didn’t sell so well)… but I just google translated the world Globai & it doesn’t recognise it?

  5. Adam avatar

    Me and my friends had a theory… the initial draft of the design was in all caps… and for aesthetic reasons, a capital ‘I’ looked better than a capital ‘L’… then for some reason they quickly changed it to lower-case right before the manufacture, and no-one noticed the problem this created…

  6. Adam avatar

    i noticed that!

    I think its just a misprint. If you look at the website logo it they have tried to make it look all grungy by cutting a part of the L off. They cant print that level of detail on the wristband

  7. Alex avatar

    Yeah… I thought that too, but the ‘i’ in ‘Globai’ is exactly the same as the ‘i’ in ‘Gathering’
    Like it was intentional…

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