Fake Ed Hardy Belt On Ebay

I’m a recent fan of Ed Hardy “stuff”

T-shirts, and belts mainly.

As with every latest trend, these are obviously available on eBay, however a lot of items offered here are fake.

I generally try to be careful when purchasing clothing on eBay. For example, I’ll always email the seller for verification that the item is genuine.

I wanted an Ed Hardy belt. Apart from www.edhardyshop.com, there aren’t all that many places to get genuine items online, let alone genuine items online, in the UK that will deliver by August 14th (day before my trip to Ibiza)

So, the belt I found on eBay was certainly tempting.
I contacted the seller, for verification that it was in fact real, and had this response:

Of course, i know the offer may seem too good to be
true, however you can judge from the pictures i have
provided that this belt is authentic.

– iain123football

So, all was well. A reasonable (if a little low, if I’m honest, in hindsight) price, and located in the UK.

I purchased the item, paid immediately, and had delivery a couple of days later.

I was immediately sceptical about the item. The print just didn’t look right.
I posted up a load of photos I took of the item to

To confirm my suspicions, I posted up the eBay ad on well known counterfeit busting forum Authentic Forum – www.authenticforum.com to see what the experts there had to say:


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