Fox Garage Blackwater – Review


I took my car to Fox Garage Blackwater as it was pulling to the left very slightly.

I left it with them, with clear instructions not to phone me, but email me instead (I was going away, couldn’t pick up phone, but could easily reply to email)

A few days later, when I returned from my trip, I’d heard nothing.
I called them, chasing an update, and was told I’d been left two voicemails by Mike Squire – not very helpful at all!

Anyway, the problem was a faulty brake calliper, and it would need to be replaced.
The cost was £495.
I agreed the price with Mike, but said I would need the old part back, as I would likely take things further with the garage I purchased the car from (as I have done so in the past)

This, I was told, was not a problem, and he understood.

Paid for the work up front, as it was a special order part.
Was given a time of two days to do the work.

I called on the Friday, it was due to be finished, at around 4pm.
I was told that Mike was on a test drive, and would call me on his return.
He never did.

So, I sent an email, complaining about the lack of communication.

On Saturday, I receive a phone call saying the car is ready, it no longer pulls to the left.
Great news, I thought.
However; I was unable to take the old part, as there was a ‘surcharge’ on it.

I went to Fox Garage and spoke with Mike directly regarding this.
He was adamant that I could not have the part, as there was a £50+ VAT surcharge on it – charged by Land Rover, to make them return the old part.
I explained the situation, but was again told I would need to pay the £50+ VAT if I wanted the part.
I pointed out that I agreed the price, based on receiving the old part! Still, he would not move.

I feel completely let down and messed around by Fox Services.
This was my first time using them for any kind of serious work, and I certainly won’t be using them again!

My father, who recommended them to me (having previously been a customer of theres for 5 years) will also no longer use them!
Such a shame, as on the face of it, they seem to do a good job.
Massive let down in communication, and sticking to the agreed deal!

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