Resharper MVC “Cannot resolve view” functionality missing in Visual Studio 2013

I installed Resharper (v 8.2.2) onto my fresh install of Visual Studio 2013, but noticed that the usual helpers I get over MVC methods wasn’t there.

For example, if I had a method like:

public class MyTestController : Controller
    public ActionResult Something()
        return View();

… and the view (/Views/MyTest/Something.cshtml) didn’t exist, I should get a little popup saying “Cannot resolve view ‘Something’” Like below:

resharper cannot resolve viewThis however, was not happening.

After a lot of googling, I came across this post I realised that the  ReSharper.ExternalAnnotations extension needed to be updated, to support MVC 5+

Resharper > Extension Manager

In Updates, sure enough, ReSharper.ExternalAnnotations was listed.

I updated it, restarted Visual Studio.
Now, the missing MVC functionality is back.


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