Quickly add GSuite (Google Apps) MX Records to CloudFlare DNS


As some people know, I run a web development agency called Cohoda LTD. As part of our service, like most development agencies, we offer web hosting. To keep things as lean as possible, we deliberately don’t try to host email servers ourselves, instead we set up clients with email on Google GSuite (or Office 365 if the client prefers) I always (where possible) use CloudFlare for DNS, and found...

Download emails from GMail in a specific label with GMVault


I recently wanted to download around 20,000 emails from a specific label in my gmail account. To do this, I used GMVault. I’m not going to talk through the basics of setup / using this as it’s already talked about at length on the GMVault site. However, in order to get it to download only the mails in a specific label, you will need to do a custom sync. The command I used was this: gmvault sync...

Gmail reply all graduated from Labs– ‘r’ shortcut doesn’t reply all


I recently noticed that while replying to an email in google apps (or gmail for that matter) it wasn’t defaulting to Reply All – despite me enabling this lab. Upon further inspection, I noticed this was no longer an option in the Labs.Fearing that it had been removed altogether, I had a look over the General settings tab, and found that it had graduated from a ‘Lab’ to an actual feature: This was...