Download emails from GMail in a specific label with GMVault


I recently wanted to download around 20,000 emails from a specific label in my gmail account.

To do this, I used GMVault.

I’m not going to talk through the basics of setup / using this as it’s already talked about at length on the GMVault site.

However, in order to get it to download only the mails in a specific label, you will need to do a custom sync.

The command I used was this:

gmvault sync –type custom –gmail-req “in:LabelNameGoesHere”

This worked fine, however all files were compressed.

To solve that, we can simply add —nocompression like so:

gmvault sync –type custom –gmail-req “in:LabelNameGoesHere” –no-compression

Now, all emails are downloaded as .eml files from the LabelNameGoesHere label