Gmail reply all graduated from Labs– ‘r’ shortcut doesn’t reply all

I recently noticed that while replying to an email in google apps (or gmail for that matter) it wasn’t defaulting to Reply All – despite me enabling this lab.

Upon further inspection, I noticed this was no longer an option in the Labs.
Fearing that it had been removed altogether, I had a look over the General settings tab, and found that it had graduated from a ‘Lab’ to an actual feature:

Reply all graduated from a lab to a feature in general settings

This was also confirmed by this post

So, why wasn’t it selecting ‘Reply All’

The answer lies in the fact that I rely heavily on keyboard shortcuts

I saw that Reply had the shortcut ‘r’

but Reply all was ‘a’

reply keyboard shortcuts

Now, I only ever use ‘r’ to reply, and in 90% of cases, I actually want to reply all, so I set my Reply all option to be a or r

Now, if I hit ‘r’ by default, the reply is to all participants

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