Using Google Sheets and Azure Functions as a headless CMS


One of my clients came to me with a relatively simple requirement; they needed to take online payments for their fitness event photography business. The model is quite simple: There are several different competition dates per year. Competitors can purchase professional photos of themselves at a competition. Each competitor will have a ‘badge number’ to identify them. If purchased before the...

Using Mediatr with Azure Functions


I’ve used Mediatr for some time, to reduce controller action bloat, and have spoken about it a few times, on how I use it to avoid the classic ‘xService’ pattern: Controller Action -> ‘Service’ -> Repo Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of work with Azure Functions, and would like to be able to use Mediatr, as I can in ASP.net Core. Up until recently, this has...

Reliably Processing Azure Service Bus Topics with Azure Functions


At ASOS, we’re currently migrating some of our message and event processing applications from Worker Roles (within classic Azure Cloud Services) to Azure Functions. A significant benefit of using Azure Functions to process our messages is the billing model. As an example, with our current approach, we use a Worker Role to listen to subscriptions to Azure Service Bus topics. These Worker Roles are...