100 new followers on twitter, bought for a Fiverr


After signing up to Fiverr, I decided to give it a try. Someone with a somewhat copyright infringing username of Twitter offers: Twitter: I will sell you 100 real Twitter Followers for $5 () There were plenty of others offering the same, if not more followers, but they required your username and password, and would just follow hundreds of people, in the hope of a reciprocal follow. However, this...

Twitter User underdog100 gets 300% increase in followers – in 10 minutes


At 23:00, Jo Combs (twitter.com/underdog100) had just 37 followers 5 minutes later, Graham Norton had featured her tweets on his show, albeit poking fun at them, but, now, her followers had swelled to 110! Every time I hit F5, her number of followers increases By 23:10 the count had grown to 130… around a 300% increase in 10 minutes! I got bored at about 23:20, but by then, the follower...