100 new followers on twitter, bought for a Fiverr


After signing up to Fiverr, I decided to give it a try.

Someone with a somewhat copyright infringing username of Twitter offers:

Twitter: I will sell you 100 real Twitter Followers for $5

There were plenty of others offering the same, if not more followers, but they required your username and password, and would just follow hundreds of people, in the hope of a reciprocal follow.image

However, this one seemed different.
Just over £3.30 for 100 new followers? Great feedback? It seemed too good to be true, so I thought I’d lay my $5 on the line, and give it a go.

I placed my order, and around an hour or so later, had confirmation he had begun.

Within a few minutes, I started to get email notifications of new people following me.
It seemed to be working!

25 minutes later, the emails dried up, and I assumed it was completed.
I checked my followers, and, to my amazement, I had 135 new followers!

Some were particularly random, no tweets, following loads of people etc (suspect- FAKE) but there were a few active tweeters in there.

I @ replied some of them, asking how they heard about me / why they started following me, however have not got any response

All in all, did what was said on the tin. I got over 100 followers. Using who.unfollowed.me I saw that about 15 of these unfollowed me within a week.