I recently upgraded my copy of Parallels desktop from version 7 to version 8.

As soon as I had done, I noticed the supposed “improved multi-monitor support” wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

If I had a window open, and dragged it to the other monitor (either from external to macbook, or vice versa) it snapped back!

See video:


Parallels have now released a hot fix which fixes this issue.
It would have been nice if they’d tested this before releasing in the first place however… 

As per their support site, follow these instructions:

Please update Parallels Desktop 8 to the latest build. To obtain the update, please do the following:

1. Start Parallels Desktop > click on Parallels Desktop menu > Check for Updates...
2. Download and install the Update.

Just a quick blog to see if anyone else out there is experiencing hanging / crashing when using:

Macbook Pro
OSX Mountain Lion
SSD (256mb Crucial CT064M4SSD1)
Parallels – Windows 7 Guest OS

Only started noticing the problem since I installed the SSD

Every now and then, the whole system will sort of freeze.

Won’t respond to mouse / keyboard.
Freeze lasts around 10-30 seconds, then returns to normal

Will update this post with any more info if I get it

Having taken delivery of a new E5500, we configured the machine (not that it took much effort, as it came with none of the usual “crap” that is pre-installed") and attempted to connect it to our WiFi in the office.

Every time it returned “Windows was unable to connect to CrocusWiFi”

Our network is nothing out of the ordinary – We use a plain old Belkin F5D7632 router, with WPA2-Personal security, TKIP. Nothing fancy, and plenty of other devices use this without a problem.

A phone call to Dell technical department predictably concluded that it must be our WiFi networks’ fault (not their laptop, of course) despite several devices (including other Dell machines) being successfully connected, without a hitch.

They agreed to replace the unit.

When the replacement unit turned up, the exact same error occurred.
I haven’t had time to dig around trying to find out what the problem is, however I suspect it’s a software issue.

If anyone can shed any light on this, please feel free to comment!

Up until a few moments ago, I was unable to preview PDF files in emails in Outlook using Windows 7 64bit.

The problem is that Adobe have not updated their installer of Adobe PDF reader to allow the correct values to be set in the registry.

However, there is a fix.

I came across this:


It worked great!

Windows 7 – Sticky Notes

This is a sticky note!


This is something I will use all the time!

Windows 7 has a feature called “Sticky Notes” – basically, these little notes are like post it notes – they stick to your desktop!

You can change the colour, resize, move them around etc… So simple, yet so useful!

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