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Parallels 8 Upgrade – Moving windows in Windows 7 snapping back


I recently upgraded my copy of Parallels desktop from version 7 to version 8. As soon as I had done, I noticed the supposed “improved multi-monitor support” wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. If I had a window open, and dragged it to the other monitor (either from external to macbook, or vice versa) it snapped back! See video: Update Parallels have now released a hot fix which...

MacBook Pro with SSD – Hanging / Crashing when using Windows 7 & Parallels


Just a quick blog to see if anyone else out there is experiencing hanging / crashing when using: Macbook Pro OSX Mountain Lion SSD (256mb Crucial CT064M4SSD1) Parallels – Windows 7 Guest OS Only started noticing the problem since I installed the SSD Every now and then, the whole system will sort of freeze. Won’t respond to mouse / keyboard. Freeze lasts around 10-30 seconds, then...

Dell Latitude E5500 – Windows was unable to connect to <network name>


Having taken delivery of a new E5500, we configured the machine (not that it took much effort, as it came with none of the usual “crap” that is pre-installed") and attempted to connect it to our WiFi in the office. Every time it returned “Windows was unable to connect to CrocusWiFi” Our network is nothing out of the ordinary – We use a plain old Belkin F5D7632 router, with WPA2-Personal...

Windows 7 – Sticky Notes


This is a sticky note!
This is something I will use all the time!
Windows 7 has a feature called “Sticky Notes” – basically, these little notes are like post it notes – they stick to your desktop!
You can change the colour, resize, move them around etc… So simple, yet so useful!