MacBook Pro with SSD – Hanging / Crashing when using Windows 7 & Parallels

Just a quick blog to see if anyone else out there is experiencing hanging / crashing when using:

Macbook Pro
OSX Mountain Lion
SSD (256mb Crucial CT064M4SSD1)
Parallels – Windows 7 Guest OS

Only started noticing the problem since I installed the SSD

Every now and then, the whole system will sort of freeze.

Won’t respond to mouse / keyboard.
Freeze lasts around 10-30 seconds, then returns to normal

Will update this post with any more info if I get it

3 responses to “MacBook Pro with SSD – Hanging / Crashing when using Windows 7 & Parallels”

  1. Justin Freebourn avatar
    Justin Freebourn

    I have similar problems with my XP virtual machine and a Crucial 256 mb SSD that I just installed (the XP machine just crashes). I thought it might be Parallels 8 at first, but perhaps the SSD is to blame…

  2. xxox avatar

    Same problem with my intel 335 and early 2011 macbook pro…

  3. Paul avatar

    Running 10.8 on 17″ MacBook Pro 3.1 (2009 I think) 240GB OCZ Vertex3 and Parallels 8.

    Started experiencing temporary freezes for several seconds when the drive was installed and the occasional complete lockup requiring a hard power off.

    The temporary freezes seemed to have gone away after upgrading the SSD firmware however I was left with the complete lockups when running Parallels (I think 7 at the time)

    I have re-installed the OS and perhaps I shouldn’t have opted to pull all apps over from the backup but I did so maybe there is some junk in there. Also upgraded to Parallels 8.

    Tried to upgrade the SSD again and do a secure erase but that seems to fail everytime time with the disk untouched.

    Also tested running the VM from an external Spinning drive and it still crashes so it looks like it is a problem with Parallels rather than the VM explicitly.
    Perhaps I should put the drive in an alternate machine for the erase?

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