JoeBlogs – Typo in dummy URL fixed

August 31, 2009

I’ve recently had a few comments that the JoeBlogs wrapper wasn’t working – and they were getting an “invalid response” or more specifically “Response XML not valid XML-RPC – missing methodResponse element.”

It seems that I had a typo in my comments in JoeBlogs.TestHarness/Program.cs on line 15:

The problem, is the xmlprc.php – this should be xmlrpc.php.

Those of you that copy pasted / uncommented out that line, would be executing requests against a file that didn’t exist on your server!

I’ve changed this typo, and committed to Codeplex: revision #27138

Thanks to Felix for pointing this out!


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  • Andrew

    There’s an error in your code; when I call the GetPost() function an error is thrown while executing DeserializeResponse. The parseStack output is:

    ? parseStack
    Count = 2
    [0]: “member postid mapped to type String”
    [1]: “struct mapped to type Post”

    Essentially, it looks like is returning postid as an integer value and the struct “post” is expecting a string. Thanks!