How To Make Dalgona Coffee


Dalgona coffee is made by whipping equal proportions of instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water until it becomes frothy and then adding it to cold or hot milk.

It’s surprisingly easy to make.

Serves 2
2tbsp instant coffee (I used Nescafe Azera Americano)
2tbsp Sugar (I used golden caster sugar)
2tbsp very hot water

Add all 3 ingredients to a bowl, and use an electric whisk for about 30 seconds until frothy, or as bakers would say “holds stiff peaks”
Plop on top of milk (I used oat milk)


Important: If taking a pic “for the gram” be sure to use a mason jar, or something equally hipster.

If you wanted to get fancy, you could top it with more coffee powder, cocoa, crumbled biscuits, or honey, or if day ends in a ‘y’, a shot of coffee liqueur.