C# WordPress Wrapper

Ok, I’ve barely finished this as a stable release, but I thought I’d post this up any way….

A little open source project I’m working on – Joe Blogs.

In a nutshell, it allows easy communication to your WordPress (or other blog) via an xml-rpc interface.

Big thanks to the work by Charles Cook at http://www.xml-rpc.net/

Joe Blogs is currently hosted on CodePlex – http://joeblogs.codeplex.com/

I’ll be posting more info, tutorials, documentation etc… in the coming days and weeks.


See here for usage instructions:

9 responses to “C# WordPress Wrapper”

  1. […] A common question when using Cook Computing XML RPC.net to talk to blogs etc… is how to specify a blog / endpoint at runtime? Most of the examples seem to specify the details in an attribute… not much use if you’re trying to develop a wrapper. […]

  2. Milo avatar

    Thanks for creating this wrapper – real time-saver. I’m using it my VB.NET apps. Keep up the good work!

  3. Waseem avatar

    Thanks for sharing this, I really needed something!

  4. alan328 avatar

    Great ! I was looking for this!

    You are the best!

  5. Todd Kobus avatar
    Todd Kobus

    Thanks for the wrapper. This was a real time saver! I had to make a minor modification to set the date_created_gmt value as opposed to the dateCreated value when posting via NewPost(). Otherwise the post showed up as ‘scheduled’ with the datetime off by a few hours.

  6. Dalgıç Pompa avatar
    Dalgıç Pompa

    Anyone made this program?

    1. Alex avatar

      what program?

  7. […] .NET library for it created by Charles Cook. The task should have been further simplified because there are several C# WordPress wrappers available. After spending time with a couple of the WordPress wrappers […]

  8. Hung Uong Dong avatar
    Hung Uong Dong

    Hello, I’m NewBie, How to get posts by CatId? Sorry, maybe I need read document carefully

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