Introducing – A car wash directory


Just a quick blog post, introducing GetCarClean – my latest startup venture, which aims to be the best car wash directory around.

A while back, I wanted to get my car cleaned, but wasn’t sure where the nearest one was. So, I took to google;
Car wash near me

Thought this would return either some near by results, or, ideally, a site where I could find and compare car washes –
Sadly, and surprisingly, it didn’t.

This got me thinking – I can’t be the only person searching for a car wash.
So I looked at Google Keyword Planner.
Turns out, there was quite a few (several thousand) people in the same boat.
So, I decided to make one.

I also wanted to enable mobile services to be a part of the site.
As a business owner, if you’re mobile, you can set an area you cover.

I’ll post some more technology related posts soon, regarding how it works under the hood, but the main tech-stack is MongoDB, node.js (Express)

A lot of time was spent on parsing searching, so I can offer long-tail keywords like “Car wash in Camberley” and have them parsed as a search, that returns relevant results.

Again, I’ll post up how this works shortly, I may even try to OS the url parsing I have written.