Joe Blogs Wrapper V2 – Help required


I’m on the verge of being able to release a second, much improved version of the Joe Blogs WordPress & MetaWeblog API Wrapper.

Some very brief details below, and a cry for help (or several cries!)

New Features / Improvements

Friendlier API
Instead of having to deal with the XML-RPC interfaces directly, I’ve added a “friendly” layer of classes on top.
The WordPressWrapper class has helper methods, with friendly properties, for doing things like uploading files etc…

  • More examples
    The sample project (console application) included in the project demonstrates all methods and features of the library.
  • Better documentation
    XML RPC Comments on all the public properties and methods

Help required

I need help with some of the following, both for this version, and subsequent versions

  • PHP WordPress Re-install script
    Script (configured as CRON job) to “refresh” test install of WordPress (every couple of hours or something)
  • Unit Tests
    Need better code coverage., and more integration tests
    I’m not TDD expert, so unfortunately, a lot of this will be retro-fitting unit tests into the current code.
  • WordPress Plugin development
    I plan to release an “extended” version of XML RPC – with some enhanced methods in, for use with JoeBlogs – for example “GetRecentPosts”
  • ASP.Net Demo Project
    Eventually, and MVC “blog” project, running from WordPress – for no other reason than “it can be done”
  • Moving project to GitHub
    See below
  • General code improvement
    Refactoring, performance enhancements, etc…
  • Logo Designed
    ‘cos every cool open source project has to have a cool logo, right?
  • Website
    I’ve dipped my hand into my pocket, and bought (under £7 – GoDaddy)
    Will have a site dedicated to it on there soon. Obvious CMS choice would be WordPress, but if anyone can think of a better option for Wiki style pages, I’m all ears
    (Media wiki..? What are the benefits?)

Mailing List

I’ve created a Google Group –
Please, sign up on there for announcements (I’ll announce when the next versions of the wrapper are available)


I really like the idea of moving this project over to GitHub.

Problem is, I have absolutely no experience using Git.

I’ve tried following the instructions, and got as far as some files imported into my repository.. but I can’t get it to work, or commit my changes.

If anyone would like to offer their hand-holding expertise on getting this moved over (and training me on committing files etc…) then I’ll gladly move it to GitHub, which long term, I believe could be beneficial to the overall development of the project.

Get in touch

If you’d like to help with ANY of the above (or anything I’ve missed for that matter) please get in touch, or use the Google Group