Invisalign Clinical Check – The start!

After visiting a few local orthodontists for the initial consulations, I booked a clinical check with Pennyhill Dental, Bagshot, which I attended earlier this week.
The cost of the clinical check was £350, which would go towards the £3000 total cost (of the ‘lite’ Invisalign treatment) should I choose to go ahead.
While this wasn’t the cheapest place I found, it certainly was more friendly, and I preferred the doctor (Dr Gill) to many others I had visited, which was worth the £250 or so extra.
Pennyhill Dental are also open later than other local orthodontists, meaning I can have my checkups after work.

The expected treatment time would be 6-8 months, which I can just about live with, I think!

During the clinical check, a series of x-rays are taken, as well as impressions of my teeth, so they can do the generated before/after shots.
The actual process was fine – basically biting down on plasticine like substance set in a tray.

I’ve booked another appointment for a couple of weeks time to see the results!

Unfortunately, because of my narrow upper arch, I had to return a week later to have new impressions taken, using a different custom made tray. Minor inconvenience, but I’d rather it be correct!

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